Anna's Year-In-Review and Resolutions-to-Come

It's been far too long since I last posted, and I know that I say that a lot, but a month and 4 days is pushing it. That's why this post will be quite the lengthy one.

BEING THAT THERE ARE ONLY 2 DAYS LEFT IN 2010, I'd like to review the year. In January (Specifically the 24th) I asked "that guy" to the Sweetheart (Sadie Hawkins) dance, got a "no" for an answer, had a hard time dealing with it, got over it, and now I don't know what the crap I was thinking. He is no fantastic human being. I also found out he is an unexpected party boy. I don't know what my type is yet, but I can tell that Party Boy is definitely not it.
Skipping a bit...in May, I finished 2nd Semester better than 1st Semester and MUCH better than I had expected. (I do, of course, live by the motto: Don't expect much, and you can never be disappointed; only uplifted.)
In June, I chopped 5 inches off of my hair. It has grown about 4.5 back since.
In July, we had a rainy 4th of July. Payback for a White Christmas and warm, sunny Easter.
In August, I began my Junior year, a.k.a. the hardest year of High School. Especially for a Cum Laude (all honors) student such as myself.
In September, I became an official Football Photographer (DREAM JOB!) and Notre Dame kicked off their football season with a new coach, Mr. Brian Kelly. They played a good season for Kelly's first as head coach! I could only be happier if there had been fewer injuries on the team.
Not much happened in October. Just more Irish football.
in November, I turned 17!! WOOT! Also, the Irish went undefeated that month WITH a new, young starting quarterback, Mr. Tommy Rees! (I must say, I find him pretty adorable...and what a player! I was blown away!) Oh, and another thing, they ended an 8-year winning streak by USC. Score: 20-16. My facial expression: Priceless. I wish I had a picture of it.
And it's December now. Not much has happened this month either. Christmas, obviously. On Friday, my Irish will face Miami in the Hyundai Sunbowl located down south in El Paso, Texas. A short history on the ND-Miami rivalry:
They played for quite some time, then in the late 1980s, their games became too violent, and any scheduled games between the two teams were called off for future seasons.

SO WE'VE REVIEWED THE PAST. Now goals for the future:
1. Lose 16 pounds (as of right now.) I am a girl, and we find it hard to tell what we weigh, but I'm going to do it. I weigh...haha gotcha, didn't I? I'm not going to tell you. I'm just going to tell you that I should weight 16 lbs less than I do now to be at my healthiest BMI.
2. Read more!! I need to watch less TV, be on the computer (mainly Twitter, Facebook, and Sporcle) less, and pick up a book instead! There are millions out there and I need to pick just 1 to start with!
3. Stop complaining. My life is good. I don't know why I complain so much. That needs to come to an end.
4. Avoid negative peer pressure. I've done a good job of this thus far, and I need to keep it up! Drinking and smoking are big no-no's! My vow of abstinence and purity still stands, of course, and will until the day I get married! And even after then, the purity part will still stand!(Yes, I did just say "no-no". Tease all you want. I'm still a child at heart. I still say "boo-boo" on occasion as well.)
5. Get more sleep! I get way less sleep a night than I should. I'm going to try to get 8 hours a night unless there is some pressing issue that prevents it.
6. Be more organized! I think if I'm more organized, the other 5 resolutions will come much more easily. I have to get a good planner and keep it up to date with school assignments, appointments, free time, time to exercise, and things I eat (calorie tracker), all among many other things.

For now, that is all. Maybe this post isn't as long as I'd expected. I think before I post, I'm thinking I have much more to say than I really do. So until then...

Rally sons (and daughters) of Notre Dame!! You all better watch Friday's game! See the Irish kill the Hurricanes!

(See how that kinda rhymed. That was on purpose.)

One final thing: check out my photo blog over at itsbananas-annasophia.blogspot.com