Happy Thanksgiving!

I was surprised yesterday with the best Birthday gift a girl could get. My friend who lives in Springfield, MO (attending MSU) was going to come into town, but she called me telling me she had car troubles. I was then contacted by my friend Maria who was going to hang out with us that night, and she said we'd still hang out, but we'd just chill at my house. So at about 7, the doorbell rings and I go to answer....

Sitting on my porch are packages of Reese's peanut butter cups and roses leading to one of the trees in my yard. I follow it and out pops Maria...and Lauren!! It was the best surprise ever!! They lied and schemed for a week just for that moment! I now have 17 roses, each with a message tied to it, sitting on my dresser, and peanut butter cups waiting to be eaten.

We also went to see "Tangled." I must say, it was fantastic! I loved every minute of that movie! It was adorable!

Oh, also before the movie we went to Freddy's for supper. While there, I noticed a guy wearing a ND hat. I thought it was cool. I was wearing my #10 Notre Dame football jersey and my ND lanyard. As I was leaving, I had to pass his table (he was sitting by the door with his friend) and he said, "Hey, I like your jersey," to which I replied, "And I like your hat." It was pretty tight.

Needless to say, that was one of the best nights ever. Future boyfriend, you have a helluva lot to live up to.


Post #60

DC is out for the season with patellar tendon rupture. I hope he gets better soon, but it's a 6-month recovery. Yikes. Tommy Rees did a good job during the 3.5 quarters that he played though. True frosh=true talent. I'm impressed.

Our first term paper of the year is due on Wednesday. I finished my edits, but I have to highlight the data in my sources, get my notecards put together, and reprint everything. I'm almost there. Wednesday is also Scarlet Letter day. We drew names of our classmates out of a bag and had to make a letter that describes their personality for them to wear from English class until the end of the day. I'm pretty excited to see what people think of me.

Okay. I need to get back to my homework. I just needed a quick break. I have chem to finish and English that is non-term paper or Scarlet Letter day related.

Have a good November! I'll probably post sometime before December comes though.