Post #60

DC is out for the season with patellar tendon rupture. I hope he gets better soon, but it's a 6-month recovery. Yikes. Tommy Rees did a good job during the 3.5 quarters that he played though. True frosh=true talent. I'm impressed.

Our first term paper of the year is due on Wednesday. I finished my edits, but I have to highlight the data in my sources, get my notecards put together, and reprint everything. I'm almost there. Wednesday is also Scarlet Letter day. We drew names of our classmates out of a bag and had to make a letter that describes their personality for them to wear from English class until the end of the day. I'm pretty excited to see what people think of me.

Okay. I need to get back to my homework. I just needed a quick break. I have chem to finish and English that is non-term paper or Scarlet Letter day related.

Have a good November! I'll probably post sometime before December comes though.

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