Rainy, cold Friday Night Football....fun I suppose.
Notre Dame at 11...instead of 2:30.....had to rush my chores.
The thrill of watching the game....worth it all.

I might get a bigger bedroom. My parents are still deciding if they want to split my sisters into the two small rooms (one of which is mine) and give me the big room. Do I want the bigger room? Hell yes! Does my sister want a smaller room? Ha...that's funny. No. She doesn't.

I watched How to Train Your Dragon last night. Cute movie. I enjoyed it a lot. I also rented season 1 of Nurse Jackie (the Showtime show about a Nurse on Drugs attempting to live a double life). It's pretty good too. Edie Falco is awesome!

Oh gosh...Just saw a commercial for a nacho cheese chalupa from Taco Bell...that sounds really tasty right now. ANYWAYS!

UGH...got to the 1-yard line with no TD...dang it! *sigh* well that was only the first drive of the game, so we've got time.

I just realized....I'm going to have very little to blog about when football season is over. I'm quite the boring person. I need a life.

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