More Like Her

He likes someone else. It's clear as daylight. I've been saying over and over again that I'm over him. Then is it normal that I feel jealous of her? She has everything I lack. She's smart, pretty, athletic, funny, flirtatious, and everyone likes her. Why her though?

I've been lying to myself, but the truth just hit me like a sack of bricks. I'm not over him yet.

"She's beautiful in her simple, little way, she ain't got too much to say when she gets mad.....I guess I should've been more like that."~~ More Like Her by Miranda Lambert


The Rain Has Gone

"I can see clearly now, the rain has gone. I can see all obstacles in my way."

First, take note that the title has three meanings. One is ironic. Another is musical. The final is metaphorical.

Ironic because it is raining right now.

Musical because, well, it's a song.

Metaphorical because today, I was enlightened.

Someone told me a significant detail which explained why Buddy has been so awkward around me. It is three, simple words:

He. Was. Teased.

I understand now. The other stupid guys teased him about me. Apparently when I walked into the room, they would turn to him and say things like, "ooh there's Anna!!" wow. no freaking wonder!

What guy would want to talk to the girl he was teased about in front of the guys who teased him? He can talk to me over text, but as soon as we come face-to-face, (I know it's a cliche) you could hear a pen drop. Dead. Silent. notta word muttered!

Do I feel better now? yes and no.
Yes, because I know I'm not exactly the reason he can't talk to me.
No, because I feel awful that he was teased on my behalf.

I want to say something. But I don't think I can. It would have to be in front of those idiot guys who are the fault of the barrier of awkward-ness between us. Daaaang. I don't want to hold a grudge, but REALLY?! SERIOUSLY?! You can't just ingore it and not tease him?! JERKS!!


"There's nothing else I can say. Eh eh eh eh." and "I'll never talk again. Oh boy you've left me speechless. So speechless." ~~Stefani Germantto a.k.a. Lady Gaga



Once again, I'm going to review the past two weeks listing the good and bad things that have happened.
I realized that I'm not the person making the relationship between me and Buddy awkward. He is. I'll elaborate in a moment.
I made a new friend out of an old friend. Once again, I'll elaborate.
Field trips!!!
Summer is closer!!!
Drive-in sooonn!!!

Buddy is making the possibility at a friendship impossible. >:(
I have a new crush. Not good.
I saw a firey crash while driving with my friend. I got flashbacks.

Awkward Buddy
Yesterday, we did a lab in biology. Our teacher was pairing us up by number of siblings. I was paired with Buddy. But, of course, he would have none of that and went with the other person next to him. So, instead, I worked with another girl in my class. That girl decided to work at the same lab station as Buddy and his partner. Guess who didn't say one word to me? Yep. Buddy. But whatever. I'm so over it.

New/Old Friend
Not much to this story, but I'm once again becoming close to my middle school best friend who I hadn't talked to much last year or the beginning of this year. It's pretty nice getting to talk to her again though.

I'm out of thoughts. But let me say this. After seeing a firey car crash I'm begging you: do not text, drink, or get distracted while you're driving. Also, be very careful. A crash is always someone's fault, but it won't necessarily be you, so be careful of other drivers. And most importantly, make good decisions.


Dad calls me Princess...and I know I am.

A bit of random: Sneezes. Itchy eyes. Runny nose. Spring is obviously here. It's my favorite season...when I take my allergy medicine. I'm making my summer plans. It's so exciting! I'm getting so psyched for summer! Drive-in movies, road-trips with my friends, the pool, golf....dang. I can't wait!!!!

High school is so much fun sometimes, but so frustrating at others. Here are a few things that annoy the crap out of me: shrieking, yelling, excessive complaining to the teacher, excessive flirting, fake laughs, fake stories, crappy comebacks, and too-big egoes. I see these every day.
What do I love? The rush, the excitement of not knowing what's next, making plans last-minute, seeing your best friends every day, learning something while having a fun class, and being a teenager. It balances out pretty nicely. Some days are better than others though. We all know it.

I realized something the other day. It seems like whenever there's a new girl at our school, they become very popular very quickly. I do my best being nice, letting them get acquainted, and helping them out. As soon as they find new people though, I get thrown to the gutter. She's always the one with tons of attention from guys. Here's a bit of an analogy though: The new girl is the shiny, new toy. All the boys want to have her and not have to share her. But eventually they get tired of her and find another new toy to play with. I am the cool vintage toy. Maybe guys see me, and they want to have me, but they can't until they're mature enough to handle me with care.

My mom still owns her Barbie dolls from when she was 13. Talk about vintage. I remember being 7 or 8 and asking to play with them, but she wouldn't let me until I was old enough to be trusted not to ruin them. Get my point? I'm worth the wait. We all are, girls. Don't let yourself be thrown around and treated like a stupid little toy. Wait for the boy who calls you beautiful instead of hot. Holds your hand, not your butt. Lets you rest your head on his shoulder. Kisses you on the forehead. Treats you the same alone and around his friends. Treats your friends like sisters (or brothers).

If you want your Prince Charming, you need to make sure he treats you like the Princess that you are.