Once again, I'm going to review the past two weeks listing the good and bad things that have happened.
I realized that I'm not the person making the relationship between me and Buddy awkward. He is. I'll elaborate in a moment.
I made a new friend out of an old friend. Once again, I'll elaborate.
Field trips!!!
Summer is closer!!!
Drive-in sooonn!!!

Buddy is making the possibility at a friendship impossible. >:(
I have a new crush. Not good.
I saw a firey crash while driving with my friend. I got flashbacks.

Awkward Buddy
Yesterday, we did a lab in biology. Our teacher was pairing us up by number of siblings. I was paired with Buddy. But, of course, he would have none of that and went with the other person next to him. So, instead, I worked with another girl in my class. That girl decided to work at the same lab station as Buddy and his partner. Guess who didn't say one word to me? Yep. Buddy. But whatever. I'm so over it.

New/Old Friend
Not much to this story, but I'm once again becoming close to my middle school best friend who I hadn't talked to much last year or the beginning of this year. It's pretty nice getting to talk to her again though.

I'm out of thoughts. But let me say this. After seeing a firey car crash I'm begging you: do not text, drink, or get distracted while you're driving. Also, be very careful. A crash is always someone's fault, but it won't necessarily be you, so be careful of other drivers. And most importantly, make good decisions.

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