Sorry it took me so long to put up another post.

So i started using my twitter. I've had it since last year, but I haven't ever used it. I like it a lot now because I'm finding so many people I like on it. I have found a ton of the Notre Dame football players, which is awesome.

Speaking of Notre Dame, they are now 1-3. I hope to God that next week is a better game. Talking about the game afterwards was literally physically painful. It was bad.

KU won. The Chiefs won. My school won (epically, I might add). Things will get better.

I'm doing all right. I hope y'all are too.


More Football.

FIGHTING IRISH...I still love you!

I hate Michigan. Stupid, stupid Michigan. First, they injure Dayne Crist. How dare they?! Then they play dirty....what filthy, reviling, excuses for college football players.

And one more thing, Nate Montana is NOT HIS FATHER! Don't hold him to the same expectations! That's so pressuring!

But KMC won 43-9. mwahaha
Jayhawks beat GT....which was quite unexpected but awesome, nevertheless. Jordan Webb, you are my new hero.
CHIEFS!!!! WHAAAAAA?!?!?!?! Nice job beatin the Chargers. I am proud. Do good this season. Please.



I loove football. Had I been born a male, I would no doubt play the game. Notre Dame is playing right now. KU is playing later this evening. KMC played Thursday night....I looove football.

At the departure of Jimmy Clausen as the starting QB at ND, Dayne Crist is taking over. He was the back-up last year, but only got to play 4 games. He's not very experienced, but he's got skill.

I'm going to continue watching now. Score is 10-0 Notre Dame. Sweet. Let's kick some boilermaker butt, Irish!


The Month in which autumn begins...

It's September. Or as the French say, "Septembre." Spelled almost the same, pronounced quite differently.

This reminds me of a song by a band that sang a song that got really famous. So famous, in fact, that they got a show on Broadway with a title of the same name....any guesses?

"Wake Me Up When September Ends" by Green Day.

I've always liked that song and it belongs to a ritual which I do every Sept. 1st. I listen to the song. It's a pretty draining ritual***Sarcasm.

Friday Night Football season is in full gear and I. Am. SOOO. PUMPED!!! (Even though my school's first game was tonight, on a Thursday, I'm still calling it F.N.F. because T.N.F. is weird. That rarely happens.)

Okay. I'm done talking now. Go on with whatever you were doing. That means you, EWitt. haha;)