I haven't posted on here in quite some time. Quick recap: I'm now in college! I'm a member of the Class of 2016 at Saint Mary's College and I sort of really love it. One of the perks of being at SMC means I get to go to Notre Dame every once in a while and watch some sports...including football. Today was my first football game as a student. (I really enjoy Section 34, by the way.) I was so excited to experience Notre Dame football as a student, as a comrade to the players. To get to sing the Alma Mater with my arms around people I'd never met, to hug them after we won the game, and to be in such an electric environment was amazing. But there were some less-than-amazing things about this game, and one really got to me. It wasn't the final score, which I thought should have been bigger. A win's a win. I don't care. It wasn't the turnover. It wasn't the missed field goal attempt. Nope. It was the "boo." The announcer said, "Number 11, Tommy Rees is now in for quarterback for the Irish," and almost the entire student section started booing. I'm standing there thinking, "Who are these people and where did Purdue fans put the real ND/SMC students?" Here's my problem with the booing: HE IS STILL PART OF THE TEAM! Rees is not perfect. He's 20 years old for Pete's sake. He's still a kid. If you'd rather see Hendrix or Golson in at quarterback, fine. You're entitled to your opinion, but please don't be so negative. Like that's going to help Rees play any better. This game was the first of the "Take A StaND" initiative to give the home-field advantage back to our players in Rockne's House. Last time I checked, booing the quarterback does not make him feel more advantaged. That would be like me going home for Christmas break, walking in the door, and my family looking at me and yelling, "EW! We don't want you here. Go away! Get out of here." That wouldn't be very pleasant. As I'm standing there in a sea of boo's, I'm praying and hoping that Rees gets the job done. "Prove them wrong, Tommy," I'm thinking. First pass, no good. Second pass, no good. Third pass, CAUGHT! John Goodman runs the ball for a first down and I find myself yelling, "SEE?! HAVE SOME FAITH!" I was so happy in that instant. (That "have some faith" attitude goes for Kyle Brindza as well. He's human. He's going to miss a field goal and PAT every so often, but have some faith in him. Especially when he's about to kick a field goal that will either win the game or send it into overtime.) When did Notre Dame fans become so pessimistic? Have some faith in our players. Have some faith in the coaches. Have faith in the other fans. And don't you dare boo our team or any of its members ever again.