How can you envy what doesn't feel?

I envy the leaves on the trees when it's windy.
They dance and they look happy.
They look like what I want to feel.

I envy the clouds.
So peaceful in the sky.
Peaceful like I will never be.

I envy the trees.
So powerful, tall, awed.
Whereas I feel small, helpless, a laughingstock.

I envy my bed.
So easily it comforts me.
It's hard to comfort myself when I hurt.

I envy her.
She doesn't give a second thought to those around her.
She doesn't feel what she puts others through.
Yet she gets him.
He fell under her spell, and now he is senseless too.

That is how I envy what doesn't feel.

This is a poem I wrote in 5-ish minutes. Poetry is a key tool for me because it allows me to sum up all of my feelings with just a few words. With no rhyme scheme, or meter, this is clearly free-verse. Free verse are my favorite types of poems because anything can be said through them using strong descriptors and emotion. Plus, they allow me to let out my emotions and relax just a bit.

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