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I have a question. What am I supposed to feel when my best friend goes on a date with the best friend of the guy I used to (?) like? Yeah. It happened. And did I "used to like him" or do I still like him? I can't figure it out. STUPID FEELINGS!!!!! aldalkhglakdjfkldahgalsdjflhglkadflkhagoihewiosaondgaw. that's how I feel right now. confused.

This feeling comes and goes. It's come. It'll go. I know it will and I'll feel fantastic again once it does.

FYI being discreet is tough. Saying "the guy i like(d)" is so much more effort than just typing his name. But I don't want everyone figuring everything out. I like it that way. It gives me a sense of mystery and privacy at the same time. It's fun to leave some of you in the dark.

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