You can't change yourself to fit in, because then you're not actually fitting in.

If you have a puzzle and you've got one piece left and there's one open spot on the puzzle and you place the piece, but it doesn't fit, do you take a pair of scissors and some tape and change the piece so that it does fit? Or do you realize that the piece must not go with that puzzle?

My freshman year, I tried to fit into a group that obviously wasn't for me. I changed my habits and how I dressed to "fit in" with these people, but I was not happy. Then I changed myself again--back to the real me. That's who I am now and the friends I have now--they're the right puzzle.

I cannot stress "Be Yourself" enough. I say it to everyone and people may roll their eyes at it, but it really is the best advice you can get. Some people may not like who you really are, but people would hate it even more if you're fake. That shows a major lack of confidence and self-esteem and that's horribly unattractive. Plus, it's hard to uphold a character that you're playing when your instinct is to be you.

Since I tried to be someone I wasn't two years ago, I look back on that year in shame. It was a horrible year. I picked up awful habits and it got me labeled. I'm not a can of soup--I neither want nor need a label. People still judge me based on who I pretended to be two years ago and it sucks. Fortunately, I found friends who ignored that and really know me and like me for me. On the other side of that, not every person necessarily will find those good friends.

Don't cut yourself up like that puzzle piece to fit. Just go find the right place for yourself.

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