Bucket List: Part 1

I was recently filling out an information sheet about myself. While doing so, I realized that I'm not very spontaneous and I have a lot of potential, but not enough ambition. It then dawned on me that I tend to say, "Oh! I'm so putting that on my bucket list!" despite not even having a bucket list other than the one in my mind. That is why I'm designating this post to be my (completely incomplete) bucket list. Disclosure: Although some of these things may sound extremely generic and/or clich├ęd, every item on here is unique to me because it really is something I want to do. This is just the beginning of the list. I think of something new all the time, so this list is going to keep growing and growing. But you have to start somewhere, right?

1. Drive around a race track at maximum speed
2. See (at least parts of) Europe
3. Graduate from the University of Notre Dame
4. Meet Brian Kelly
5. Read War and Peace, Gone with the Wind, and every Sherlock Holmes ever written
6. Read my Bible cover to cover multiple times
7. Marry the right guy the first time
8. Have kids and raise them right
9. Meet Alex Flanagan
10. Make at least 1 person smile every day
11. Thank God for each and every day that He gives me
12. Make a better world for future generations
13. Improve 1% every day (I'll have improved 365% in a year)
14. Help someone achieve their dreams
15. Host Saturday Night Live (Okay, not so realistic, but I can dream, right?)
16. Watch the Chiefs win the Superbowl in person
17. Have a REAL Philly Cheesesteak
19. Learn to play the ukulele
20. Learn to play the drums
21. Get botox
22. Read (and understand) every work written by Shakespeare
23. Get my picture taken under the Green Monster
24. Play golf in Scotland
25. Lambeau leap (anywhere, anytime, any way I can)
26. Crowd Surf
27. Surf
28. Go Camping
29. Fly (yes, in a plane. I haven't done it yet, but I'm sure it's inevitable.)
30. Take a week to speak in a different accent every day (see how many people I can fool)
31. Learn to Salsa Dance
32. Swim with a Dolphin
33. Watch a sunset on a beach
34. Never settle for less than the best
35. Dance with someone special under the stars
36. Scuba dive
37. Joke about an item on my bucket list (Which one do you think it is?)
38. Change someone's outlook on life for the better
39. Visit all 50 states (KS, MO, NM, NE, IL, MA, FL are done...I've got a long way to go. Also, I know that Hawaii is already on my list, but that seems a little different to me for some reason.)
40. Finish this list.

40 items is a pretty good start. As I think of things, I'll write them down. Every time I have 20 more, I'll put up a follow-up post to this. Every time I complete an item, I'll write an entire post about the experience. Stay tuned.

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