Worst Post I'll Probably Ever Put Up

Well, I've another snow day tomorrow, so what better time than now to put up a new post?

Let me begin by saying that Notre Dame is #8 in Men's Basketball, #8/9 in Women's, and their hockey team is also ranked in the top 10...pretty fantastic, if you ask me.

Oh here's something to talk about: How awesome my parents are. My dad managed to teach me more chemistry in 1 hour than my teacher did in 3 weeks...makes him a pretty successful parent. My mother, last Wednesday, must have telepathically known I was having a bad day, because she walked into my room after school and handed me this:

She simply said, "Happy Wednesday!" and walked out of the room. I love her so much.

It seems as every time I start writing, I can't think of anything to say....Oh Gosh. I feel like I'm letting you down. :(

*"Jeopardy" Theme song*

There are things I could talk about, but some of them are better kept to myself and others just wouldn't make sense unless you've lived my life with me....HOLD THE PHONE! My English teacher wrote some really nice comments on my "Call Me Pigskin" essay. I got an A on it and she talked about how I really utilized my creativity and really embodied the football. I'm glad it translated to her. The only bad thing about having done such a good job on my first composition is that it set the bar quite high for my future writings. Will she grade all of them based on that first one? I hope not, because that was one of the best things I've written ever. I know that much to be true. My blog posts will never live up to its wonder.

It is 10:34 and I have just put a call out on Twitter for a blog post topic...waiting now to get replies....

10:39...still waiting on replies...losing patience.

10:46...just got one! But it'll be too long. "The Incredibleness of Disney Movies" That'll probably be a series. So much to say about that.

10:49..."Storm of the Century" from @shoelvr23. I decided to google this and see what the internet had to say about it before I said anything. I came across an article about a 1993 Snow Storm in March that plastered the east coast. (I have just gotten more tweetquests for me to talk about the snowpacolypse and snowmageddon, so I guess I'll talk about it in some way.) Anyway, this storm in 1993 gave Florida 4 inches and killed 310 people total (10 of whom were in Cuba...CUBA!). That is one bizarre storm....reminds me of "The Day After Tomorrow."

I sure hope you have seen that movie...as completely ridiculous as it may be, it was quite fascinating. I tend to be fascinated by catastrophe though. I hear about a disaster and I read up on it like crazy. I've done so on natural disasters, the Columbine High Shooting, 9/11, and Serial Killers. It might make me sound crazy, but I find it really interesting.

Well I know this was a very incomplete post, but I have company coming over. Last minute sleepover for the snowday...I'm pretty excited. (Little kid at heart!)

Good night, stay warm, and don't let the snow kill you!

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