O Irish! My Irish!

For my English class, I had to write a copy-change of one of Walt Whitman's poems. I obviously decided to make mine about ND Football. I chose to use "O Captain! My Captain!" Here it is. Enjoy!

O Irish! My Irish! Your hard-fought season’s done.
The players fought through every pain, the wins you sought were won.
The sacks were played, the touchdowns made, the interceptions flying,
While defense killed opposing teams, the Irish fans were smiling.
But O heart! Heart! Heart!
What’s this I see right now?
Our quarterback has fallen!
A Hurricane knocked him down.

O Irish! My Irish! The game can still be played!
Our back-up’s dressed and we’re impressed despite his quite-young age.
Number thirteen on the field—his passes quick and straight
Are caught by Mr. Michael Floyd; for the win we wait.
Here Irish! Look Irish!
Your youngest brought us back!
We’re down by just one measly point!
Complete the pass! ATTACK!

O Irish! My Irish! Your faces looked dismayed.
But don’t regret! A lesson’s learned! Your power will not fade!
Utah falls and Army’s beat, and even USC
Falls to the power of the Irish; Ours a Sun Bowl win will be.
Exult O fans, sing out with me!
Our Irish just pulled through!
Once 1-3, now 8-5
ND, I sure love you!

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  1. Great Job, Anna! @tnndn is proud!!! WAY TO GO!