Homework. That one (compound) word sends all of teen America into instant depression and cynicism. I know, teachers, that you have to assign it so that we learn what's being taught in class, but really? What's with this overload? I hope you realize that most of us students have 6 or 7 other teachers who also assign homework. And we have personal lives. Home lives. Work Lives. Our worlds cannot revolve around the existence of homework.

Some homework I'm not completely opposed to. As you can probably tell by simply reading this blog, I enjoy creative writing. When I'm assigned an essay that deals with my opinion or making something up off the top of my head, I'll dive into it like fish into water! But when I'm assigned something horribly extensive ("Read 100 pages of this brain-numbing novel by tomorrow" or "Do numbers 1-45 in the book and don't forget to graph every problem!") I want to curl up and die.

That's an over-exaggeration. I don't want to die. I do, however, want the assignment to go far, far away. It's too bad that "My dog ate my homework" has been deemed an inexcusable excuse, otherwise, my dog would get a delicious meal of Anna's personal suffering every night. We'd both be satisfied.

Also, just curious... teachers, do you really enjoy grading these things? If you don't, then why do you give us so much? The more work we get, the more work you get. It's that simple. Make both our lives easier, and just give us less. I'd love to eliminate the entire "homework" concept completely, but that's unreasonable. Don't you agree? Even if it's just deep, down inside? Maybe not. Maybe I'm an over-achiever. Oh well.... I've got my sights set on going to Notre Dame. I'll do whatever I have to in order to get there or at least get accepted.

I love that I'm sitting here ranting about homework and there's a pile of it sitting right next to me. Literally. I should probably get started on that.... and, reader, if you've got homework to do, go do it. Procrastination doesn't have many benefits. No long-lasting benefits at least.

"I like a teacher who gives you something to take home to think about besides homework." ~~Lily Tomlin

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  1. haha! this is so true! and so i was reading the got on facebook checked your blog and your blog tells me to go do my homework...