Showtunes and Chocolate

Showtunes and chocolate are the perfect cure for the "I'm-so-confused-about-this-guy" funk. If you don't like showtunes, pick your favorite kind of music that's really great to belt out to. I like Chicago.

"Cell Block Tango" is the perfect song for the time when you're thinking: "He's stupid. I don't know why I like/liked him, and he deserves whatever bad things are coming to him."

"Funny Honey" is great for this: "I'm so head-over-heels for him, and he's fantastic! .... wait a mintue.... he just betrayed me. Crap."

Another great Musical to listen to is Wicked.

"I'm Not That Girl" is self-explanatory. Give it a listen, and you'll completely understand.

....Basically all I'm getting at is that most Musicals have at least one great song that you can really relate to. Also, I could talk forever about chocolate. It is a God-send! It also releases endorphins (those little hormones that make you happy). It's a good alternative to cutting, because they do the same thing, but chocolate doesn't damage you physically. :)

Also, I thought you might find this interesting: I caught myself laughing in my sleep last night. I don't remember what was funny enough in my dream to make me laugh, but I was obviously laughing hard enough for it to wake me up. And (ready for a bad pun?) I don't think I can wake up on the wrong side of the bed because my bed is in the corner: there's only one side to wake up on. haha. I'm so funny! *laugh laugh giggle giggle*

I'm in a good mood today. With the way my week shaped out, I would honestly expect myself to be in a crappy mood, but I'm not. I have prayer, confidence, good music, chocolate, my "glass-half-full" attitude, and ESPECIALLY my awesome friends to thank for that. I couldn't have more support! Thank you! I would name names, but I don't know if they're comfortable with that and I don't want to forget to mention anyone, so I'm going to leave this very general.

The following quote explains exactly what has gone on this week with me. I know now just who cared about me enough to break those walls and help me realize all the good in my life. I can't say thank you enough to those friends. You know who you are. ;)

"Sometimes you put walls up not to keep people out, but to see who cares enough to break them down."~~Anonymous

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