Snow Day!

So... let's see. My posts go from Superpower to Ramble to Showtunes and Chocolate to Homework and now to Snow Day. I'm a very random writer, but I have a lot on my mind. I'm letting you, reader, into my world. You are priveleged.

This morning, I woke up at 6:00 expecting to go through the same routine. I went downstairs, sat on the couch, and watched the news. I don't normally watch, but it's been snowing here in South Central Kansas, and I'd heard rumors that today might be a snow day. So I'm sitting on the couch next to my mom. I doze off a couple times, and then I hear my mom say, "Ope. There it is. 'Wichita Catholic Schools..... Cancelled'." I should've been really happy. But I wasn't. I went back to bed and wondered how I could be resentful that we didn't have school. What is going on with me?

Is it because without school I'd have to spend the whole day around my two annoying little sisters? Is it because without school I wouldn't get to see my friends? It is because I wouldn't have anything to do all day? Is it because I wouldn't get to see the guy I like? (Cheesy, I know, but I think just seeing his face every day makes me happy.) I should be happy! I don't get more homework! I've got a whole day to lay around! I don't have to think about anything today!!

Snow days are great. We rarely ever get them. It's still snowing as I'm typing. It's snowing pretty hard too. The snow looks nice, but then I realize that in a few days, it's going to look disgusting. It will turn brown and lumpy on the side of the road, my sister's footprints will have marked it all up, and I won't like it anymore.

Nevertheless, I've heard that good things always happen when it snows. What good thing will happen today? It must be an unbelieveably good thing, because it is snowing hard! We've already got 4+ inches and it's still going.... if nothing good happens, then I'm just going to have to wait for the next good snow....

I'll be here. Waiting. Hoping. I've got lots of expectations and hopes. Maybe today is the day that some of them will become realities. But no worries--I've still got fourteen hours for something to happen....

"No comment."~~Thousands of celebrities and politicians throughout the history of the Media.

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