Spring Break

Good News: I'm positive that I'm over him! How do I know this? I sent out a mass text to my English class telling them that a reading assignment was postponed (in a way). He was one of three people to text back, and the other two were my best friends....anyways, when he texted back, we started talking, and I felt absolutely nothing. NOTHING! It was great. I do think, howwever, that we could be really good friends. If only he'll get to know me.

I love love love love love love sleeping in!!! And i'll get to every single day this week! WHO'S EXCITED?! I'M EXCITED!!!! hahahaha yeah! And i've been awfully giggly. And i'm pretty hyper, which is why you'll notice my grammar and punctuation S-U-C-K in this post! Pfft, my english teacher won't be reading this, so I don't care!

ROCK CHALK, JAYHAWK! KU beat Texas A&M last night. mwhahahaha! Stick that in your juice box and suck it, Mark Turgeon!! Kansas (including WSU) will always be better whether you like it or not!

But Notre Dame lost.... :(((( sad sad. Oh well, it happens.

Nothing much else to say! Have a fantastic Spring Break, everyone!

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