Have You Ever Turned a Table?

Oh, how they have turned. The tables, I mean. Supposedly, (meaning I don't know if it's true), some of my friends are convinced that the guy I just got over likes me now. If I'm talking to another guy, he apparently glares at the guy. Also, after class one time, I was walking next to my self-claimed twin (shoutout to Nick!) and we were pushing each other while laughing and joking and whatnot. My other friend said she turned towards me just enough to see "Buddy" glaring at Nick.....she said he looked jealous. You know what I think? haha. He might know just a little bit how I felt. Should I give him another chance? Only if he asks. The ball's in his court.

Good things:
I painted my room! It looks great! It was a good change.
I invested in The Fame Monster by Lady Gaga. Good investment? Well, i'm putting it under "good things," so I'll let you draw your own conclusions.
(Did I mention I'm over "Buddy"? haha. I know I did. Dur-duh-dur. I just like being able to say it.)
I got a peach tea at Sonic Happy Hour. It made me happy. Mission completed, Sonic. ;)

Bad Things:
I won't be able to manage softball this spring like I was hoping to. Instead, I'll be photographing various spring sports and activities. My first two? Boys' Golf and my school's production of Les Miserables.

I hate that I've been running out of things to say lately. I feel awful about it, because it makes me forget to post. My goal is to do at least one a week, but I apologize in advance if I fail at that.

Hey! Here's something fun for you to do! How bout (if you want) comment with a list of the good and bad things in your life right now. It'll help you realize how great your life really is...If you think hard, your good things should outweigh your bad. If they don't, I'm sorry that your life sucks that bad.

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