Farewell, Summer.

Dear Summer,

You arrived to late and you departed too soon. What we will do without you. Getting used to the early mornings and long school days will take some time. We had some good times. You let me sleep in, watch movies, bake all day, play guitar, go around all over the place without worrying about my responsibilities. I'm going to miss you for the next nine-or-so months. If I had a glass of something alcoholic, I'd make a toast. So symbolically, Here's to you, Summer. Farewell.


The Students of schools all over the US

Dear Autumn,

Welcome! My favorite season of the year! The weather, the colors, and football! Also, my birthday. I love you autumn. I'll have to get used to school again before I can give you a proper welcome, but I'm ready for you. I'll still be waiting about a month, but you'll be arriving sooner than expected, which I look forward too. Don't be late.



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