Hapy B-Day BFFL

This is my 41st post. Not much of a significant number. It's a prime number. The digits in it add up to 5. 5 is also a prime number. It's the 3rd prime number. 3 is also a prime. It's the 2nd prime number and August 2nd is my best friend's birthday.

The acronym "BFFL" is used too commonly now. People will say about a person they've known for a year or two, "we're BFFL's." If you're "best friends for life," does that mean you've known each other for years and years. Not many people have that privelage. I do.

This post is for Paris. We've known each other our whole lives. Literally. We've always lived next door to each other. On August 2nd, she turns 17. I'm a day early, but Happy Birthday, Paris...or "Peeshee." You've been my best friend since before I can remember. And you'll be my best friend when I'm old and start to forget things. I wish you the best this year. Have a good senior year and be the best person you can (not like that's any different from the first 16 years). She is truly my BFFL.

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  1. Look at my fingers in the last photo! I'm already doing sign language. hahahahaha.
    and yes! i am you bffl as you will always be mine! and no ones else's! I am selfish and stubborn! haha ILY!!!! <3