Like a Sack of Bricks

The realities of school are finally starting to hit me (insert post title here). I have my first real test tomorrow. It's an APUSH (AP US History) test, and I don't feel at all ready for it. Despite my need for a life, I studied all weekend for it. So why don't I feel ready? My best guess is that the students who took it in the years before I have said that it is the hardest class I will take while in high school. Possibly, this is leading me to expect something harder than it really will be. I'll keep you posted.

I'm losing sleep. I am a very picky sleeper; I cannot have any noises that aren't constant (i.e. clicking, beeping, etc.) If it's a fan or some kind of dull white noise, I'm good to go. Also, NO LIGHT! Yes, I sleep with my eyes closed, but if there is a bright light coming from anything, I cannot sleep. I can't be too hot or cold, I can't have had any caffeine within 8 hours of going to sleep, I MUST have some sort of blanket. That's one reason I'm losing sleep. The second is that homework is invading my sleeping time. I've been falling asleep in the middle of homework, causing me to lose my focus, forcing me to come back to it later, making me stay up later and later every night, causing me to fall asleep during homework the next day. It's a vicious circle of sleep deprivation.

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